What is Zuki?

Zuki is an atelier focused on paintings and products created using acrylic pouring technique.

 How did it start?

The works I saw at a contemporary exhibition in 2017 greatly inspired me. I could not wait to go back home and play with paints.

In memory of my dearest grandmother, I tried the technique for the first time putting her favourite colours side by side. Then I started an unstoppable production process.

In the beginning, I was just playing with paints, trying to understand the pouring technique, gaining experience in this field. Later on I found myself well into the paintings. I painted for years, offering my works as a gift to the people I love.

Motivation behind the works

In time, I realized that each painting I created was a result of my past experiences, relationships and the energy that came from them. Now I know the motivation behind the paintings: pouring this accumulated energy through paints and feeding my soul.

 The technique I use allows the paints to intermingle. Anyone who looks at the abstract outcomes sees a different scenario. Everyone finds his own story in them. What surprises me more is this liveliness and this mobile state.

What does Zuki mean?

My name is “Serap”, but my father might have found it phonetically more pleasant, he would call me “Zuki” at times. This sound got stuck in my head from my childhood. When I grew interest in arts and started dreaming of creating a brand, the most intense word that was in my mind was this: Zuki!

By the way, although I’m in my thirties, he still calls me Zuki:)